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About us

Spreading ideas for happiness and a better life!

Founded in in 1963, BeeHappy brand has provided Bee products such as Royal jelly and Bee Propolis in Western Canada. We are committed to making high quality products with carefully selected natural raw materials under meticulous production processes. In 2015, we added nutritional supplements to our product line striving to become a leading health supplements company in Canada. In 2017, we expanded our business to supplying quality cosmetics developed from nutritional point of view. Our supplements can make you achieve a happier life from the inside out, but caring of your skin from the outside, too, will certainly provide a long-term beneifit of your health.

At Life Tree we focus on:
  • nature
  • health
  • happiness

We want our customers to live a healthy and happy life with our products made from natural materials and will continue to provide ideas for better health and beauty products to help you lead a happier and better life.

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